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Seven Reasons to Buy an Xbox
Written By: J. Michael Neal

Why only seven? ‘Cause the man wouldn’t give us ten!

  1. Price Drop: At $199, with a $30 dollar rebate for the DVD Kit and two games packed-in, there is even less of a reason to turn your nose up at an Xbox.
  2. Better Ports: Whenever there is a multi-platform release, the Xbox version will be always be technically superior to the others. That’s because the Xbox hardware is still more powerful than either the PS2 or GameCube, and extras like four control ports, built in Ethernet, and built in hard drive encourage developers to put in features that the other versions just won’t have.
  3. Built In Hard Drive: This is no small thing. Other than the fact that it will save you the trouble of having to buy and install an optional piece of hardware, like Sony is planning for their PS2, having a built in hard drive means that companies will more readily make use of the hard drive since they know everyone has one. In the future games will use it for much more than just playing MP3s and storing save game files.
  4. Xbox Live: Microsoft’s online service will offer gamers with the very tempting offer of open verbal communication through its headset and a universal identity that includes a buddy and stat system among other perks. Throw in awesome exclusive games like Mech Assault and broadband exclusivity and you have one hot package.
  5. Strong Sega Support: While Sega is releasing titles on all three major platforms, they seem to be saving their biggest weapons for the Xbox. Shenmue 2, Toe Jam and Earl III, and Panzer Dragoon Orta are among Sega’s most anticipated upcoming games, and are all Xbox exclusive. You can expect to see more big name Sega franchises, like Jet Set Radio, become Xbox exclusive in the future.
  6. Peter Molyneux is God: The creator of the "god-sim", and all round gaming messiah, seems to be 100% behind the Xbox. Why should we contradict him? Two of his upcoming games, Fable and B.C., are without a doubt the loftiest and most ambitious undertakings ever attempted in the history of game development. They are also Xbox exclusive. Proving with Black and White that he can deliver on extraordinary promises of game design light years beyond the competition, Molyneux has set out to create unfathomable levels of seamless immersion with these Xbox titles. Who knows what he has planned for development post B.C., but whatever it is, it will be worth owning an Xbox to experience.
  7. MS Has Deep Pockets: Microsoft’s strategy of buying developers left and right seems to be paying off. With the ability to snatch a company like Rare out from under Nintendo, who knows who will be next to fall to the Dark Side. Buying an Xbox would mean that any company MS decides to buy will always be in your best interest.

Do you have some reasons to add to the list? Do you think there is no reason to own an Xbox? Write in and voice your opinion!

Posted: 10-31-02
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