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Dreamcast Classics on Xbox
December 10, 2002

When Sega was still a fighter in the console wars, their little white box saw some quality titles. Many of these games became cult classics, but as fate would have it, it seemed that these games were doomed to die with the system. Now while the Dreamcast may be dead and gone, Sega has shown heart to give some of it games a second chance on Xbox.

A few months ago Sega announced that it would be bringing classic Dreamcast titles back to life on Xbox. This new line of games labled the 'CoolCool series' promises to be more then just ports of old titles. Sega has stated that the games will include upgraded graphics, new levels, and new characters to keep the games fresh.

Now Sega has announced the first four titles in their CoolCool series, which will include: Rent-a-Hero No.1, Blue Stinger Premium Cut, Dynamite Cop, and Illbleed. While these first few games are not the best of the Dreamcast classics, Sega says many more games will be released in this series, and all our favorites will most likely pop up at some point.

Written By: 2nd Opp
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