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Enix & Square Merge
November 27, 2002

As if there wasn't enough big gaming news to occur this year, Square and Enix have decided to throw another shock to our systems. They've announced that at the start of the new business term (April 2003), Square and Enix will become one company. According to Bloomberg, this merger was made possible because Enix actually bought out Square. Yet to keep a hold of Square's brand recognition, Enix will keep Square's name, and their own president, Keiji Honda, will step down to a VP role while Square's president Yoichi Wada will continue his position in the new company.

For the two of you out there who don't know, these two companies are Japan's largest RPG developers. Square's Final Fantasy and Chrono series will now be under the same house as Enix's Dragon Quest and Star Ocean games.  This makes for one major powerhouse of RPG production. We will have to watch closely for what new exciting games are born from the union, and for which systems they will head to, because with the start of Square Enix, Sony's stake in Square has effectively been diluted from 18.6% to 8.4%. This means that the new company, under Enix's control, can more easily develop for both the Gamecube and Xbox as Sony's been rendered a non-factor.

Final Fantasy Vs. Dragon Quest?  It could very well happen.  We'll definitely be waiting and watching.

Written By: 2nd Opp
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