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Kola Cell Now Available!
March 14, 2003

Ubi Soft announced today that the newest Splinter Cell level, Kola Cell, is now available for download!

Simply boot up Splinter Cell, go to the Download option, and then download it.  You may be asked to download an update to Xbox Live as well, which either (a) sets up your Xbox to handle content downloading, (b) gives Microsoft the power to track your every move, or (c) proves that I don't use Xbox Live as much as I should and missed an earlier update. The level takes up a paltry 1931 blocks on your Xbox's hard drive.  Once it's downloaded, simply browse to the level select screen and it's the last mission on the list.

As you may know, this mission tasks Sam Fisher with finding Philip Masse's (little weasel) PC, stealing his sample code, and doing it all without getting caught in the process.  It's designed to test advanced players, and judging by my short time with it already I can attest that it does exactly that.  The mission seems to take place directly following the original main story, for reasons that I cannot mention without giving away a possible spoiler.

No word yet on whether Kola Cell will be available through other methods (such as the Official Xbox Mag demo disk), but we sincerely hope so.  It'd be a shame for any Splinter Cell owner to miss out on it.

Reported By: Jared Black
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