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New Jade Empire Info & Screens
September 26, 2003

Microsoft and Bioware released additional information on the upcoming title Jade Empire at the Tokyo Game Show.

"We're thrilled that Bioware’s next big game will be available only on Xbox," said Ed Fries, vice president of Microsoft game content. "'Jade Empire' is sure to deliver a game experience that's truly unique and exciting with our Xbox fans in mind."

"Bioware has enjoyed great critical and commercial success working with existing world-class intellectual properties," said Ray Muzyka, joint CEO and co-executive producer at Bioware. "'Jade Empire' is the first totally new role-playing world created at Bioware, and we're very excited about bringing the world of 'Jade Empire' to life."

The game is set in a world based on mythical China and your character is a martial artist. Starting off under your master’s instruction, the main character begins a journey across the world fighting, training, exploring, and discovering the secrets that await.

"Bioware has been thinking about crafting a martial arts action RPG as far back as during development of 'Baldur's Gate,' over five years ago. We can't wait to share this new world with our fans," said Greg Zeschuk, joint CEO and co-executive producer at Bioware.

Players can master more than 30 fighting styles during their journey and characters will react differently to players based on actions. You can either be good or bad, much like the Light and Dark sides in Bioware’s Knights of the Old Republic. Players can also recruit followers and agents, as well as send them on missions. The main character can be customized, allowing for unique appearance, skills, fighting style, and voice.

"The incredible success of 'Knights of the Old Republic' proves that Bioware knows how to make an engaging RPG," Fries said.

To coincide with the official unveiling of Jade Empire at the Tokyo Game Show, Bioware updated the official Jade Empire site with information, news, teasers, screens, and all sorts of other information.

Jade Empire is currently scheduled for a Quarter 4 2004 release.

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Reported By: Nick Arvites
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