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New Legends of Wrestling Announced
November 2, 2003

The Legends of Wrestling series made a name for itself by featuring some of the greatest wrestlers in history. The past two incarnations have included Hulk Hogan, but since he’s out of retirement (sort of) and being featured in some of the WWE games, Acclaim was left high and dry for a featured wrestler. Enter the Warrior… Ultimate Warrior that is.

Any 1980s to early 1990s wrestling fan knows who the Ultimate Warrior is; The first WWF wrestler to simultaneously hold the Intercontinental belt and the Championship belt, a face-painted, long haired, huge mass of adrenaline, someone who could beat Hogan cleanly in his heyday and not suffer the wraith of Hulkamaniacs.

The Ultimate Warrior has worked with Acclaim to build a game character that features all of the Ultimate Warrior’s moves and his likeness.

"Hello Warriors. I have been waiting for the perfect time to make my return to professional wrestling," added Ultimate Warrior. "Amidst the rumors and mistruths spread by others, my time to return is now and it's with Acclaim. I'm thrilled to be working with Acclaim again on the new Legends of Wrestling(TM): SHOWDOWN (TM) video game and I will take this opportunity to settle all unfinished business in the ring. Always Believe!"

The Ultimate Warrior is one of 70+ characters that will be featured in this game. New matches include “First Blood matches” and “Table matches.” Classic matches and classic licensed venues will also be available. There will also be a two-man commentary team and an improved career mode.

 "Legends of Wrestling(TM): SHOWDOWN(TM) is the ultimate wrestling super card," said David Knies, Brand Director for Acclaim. "We revamped the Legends of Wrestling brand and created a ground-breaking game that establishes a new benchmark for future wrestling titles. To demonstrate our commitment to this game, we enlisted a new development team, secured a dream roster of wrestlers, developed new gameplay features and incorporated a realistic art style. SHOWDOWN is guaranteed to amaze and entertain generations of wrestling fans and gamers alike."

Look for Legends of Wrestling: Showdown on all of the current platforms in April 2004.

Reported By: Nick Arvites
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