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Crash 'N' Burn Ships
November 16, 2004

Eidos has news today to start your engine!  Eidos announces Crash 'N' Burn, for PS2 and Xbox, is shipping to stores across North America!  The ultimate game for racing fanatics with a taste for reckless carnage will be available in a matter of hours!  Crash 'N' Burn's circuits take you from the greatest American cities full of graffited streets and towering skyscrapers to the greatest American natural wonders including the Grand Canyon, the ancient red wood forests, and both glimmering coasts!  And, whether you prefer a rugged black truck with brand new rims or your sleek ruby-red sports car complete with an outrageous spoiler, Crash 'N' Burn has got it covered bumper to bumper! 

There are countless modification options for your vehicles to make your ride not only unique, but to let you upgrade its performance abilities in anticipation for the next race.  Tracks are varied with sharp turns, tunnels, loops, ramps, oil spills, and of course the flailing debris of continuous crashes up ahead!   Not to mention there are several types of races to choose from like the head-to-head Kamikaze races, Team races, and Bomb Tag event- arena style.  Plus, competition is high!  Not only are there 16 vehicles on the track in each race, but they may be driven by some great up-and-coming racers from all over the world!  That's right, Crash 'N' Burn can be played online for both PS2 and Xbox with up to 16 players each race!  And, as if the nitrous isn't already surging, Crash 'N' Burn will be available for the awesome price of only $19.99!  Crash 'N' Burn for PS2 and Xbox ships today, November 16th, to stores across North America.

Reported By: Jared Black
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