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Dino Crisis 3

Preview By: 2nd Opp

Developer:   Capcom
Publisher:   Capcom
Genre:   Survival Horror
Est. Release:   TBA 2003
Date Posted:  


Xbox gamers have been left with somewhat of a void in their "Survival Horror" game library. As of now, Silent Hill 2, Fatal Frame and Genma Onimusha are the only selections for gamers who wish to give their hearts a little jump. Unfortunately all of these are ports of old PS2 titles. While they are good games in themselves, it still leaves the Xbox with no original horror titles to differentiate from PS2's lineup and GameCube's exclusives. This is where Capcom steps in. Noticing the lack in this category of games, Capcom has worked out a deal to give Dino Crisis 3 exclusively to Xbox. This leaves Playstation fans with the first two games no choice but to buy a Xbox if they want to know what happens next.

The Dino Crisis games were previously set in today's timeline, but with the new system comes a new storyline. Set in the year 2548, Dino Crisis 3 plans to test how space travel is will effect the dinosaurs. You take the role of Patrick, a member of a special force team named S.O.A.R. You and your team have just received a reconnaissance mission to explore a spaceship that was recently found, one that's been missing for over 300 years. Upon arrival you find that the ship is inhabited with bloodthirsty dinosaurs. Now not only must you find out what happened on this ship, but you must survive to tell about it.

The first Dino Crisis game played very much like Resident Evil, and in part two we saw the game shift a little more towards action, yet it still retained it's horror roots. Now with Dino Crisis 3, Capcom is looking to bring a new flavor to the horror genre. Besides the new futuristic weapons and settings, the characters will be equipped with jet propulsion packs. These packs will provide a completely new range of movements for players to learn, as they will use them in fighting and in exploration. I personally can't wait to do fly-by at T-Rex's head.

Right now the game is looking fantastic as Capcom seems to have taken full advantage of the Xbox's superior hardware. Beautiful lighting effects, moody settings, and dinosaurs rendered full scale (most towering above you), all adding to the tense moments just before you are eaten alive... Dino Crisis 3 will be hitting Japan this Spring, and should see an early Summer release in the States.

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