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Dead or Alive Ultimate

Preview By: Siou Choy

Developer:   Team Ninja
Publisher:   Tecmo
Genre:   Fighting
Est. Release:   June 2004
Date Posted:  


Retro minded fighting fans, rejoice!  This June, Tecmo will be releasing Dead or Alive Ultimate for the Xbox, which includes both the inane PlayStation jiggle fest Dead or Alive and its masterful Dreamcast sequel, Dead or Alive 2.  Well, actually, DOA may come off a bit different than the “bounce factor” special PS fans are familiar with: apparently, this release will contain the Sega Saturn version which only graced the shores of Japan, and was never before released in North America.  Extra-added bonus: DOA2 gets an overhaul.  Supposedly, one of the 2 best pre-Xbox fighting games ever (the Dreamcast’s Soulcalibur being a close second) is being rebuilt with the Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball engine for improved graphics, and is slated to include “extra episodes to help unravel more of the mystery surrounding the characters” (for all you geek obsessives, who just have to know everything about the supposed life histories of a bunch of computer generated bits and bytes).  As expected, you’ll find an abundance of unlockable goodies such as new costumes and stages (surprise, surprise).

One of the biggest selling points of Dead or Alive Ultimate for the modern market is that it will feature online play.  Fans of the whole Xbox Live thing are sure to call this a good reason to blow countless hours of our all too brief existences on this plane trying to beat faceless opponents from across the country (perhaps even the globe) online, without ever interacting with these same people in any socially relevant or emotionally meaningful way.  Gotta love the Internet.  Semi-relevant footnote: Dead or Alive Ultimate marks the first 3D fighting game to hit Xbox Live – previous online fighters have been strictly 2D.

Xbox Live subscribing fighting fans can start making up excuses now for not getting out of the house and having a life this Summer: Dead or Alive Ultimate is coming upon us fast, with a release date sometime in June.

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