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Hunter: The Reckoning - Redeemer

Preview By: 2nd Opp

Developer:   High Voltage Software
Publisher:   Vivendi Universal
Genre:   Action
Est. Release:   Fall 2003
Date Posted:  


Hunter: The Reckoning was one of Xbox’s first good multiplayer based games to come out.  With its hectic four player cooperative action, it became a small time hit, and won the hearts of many gamers.  The game even went on to see success on other platforms such as GameCube.  Now, a year later, Vivendi and High Voltage have revealed that Hunter will be making another stop on the Xbox this fall in the form of Hunter: The Reckoning - Redeemer.  A game that promises to be bigger, better, and longer than the first.  Plus give that same old multiplayer loving that made the original so successful.

Redeemer's story starts out ten years after the events of the first game. The town of Ashcroft has once again fallen into a dark monster filled population with its citizens turning to zombies.  All the original Hunters are on the case to find and destroy the evil corrupting the city, and this time around they have a new team member Kaylie.  Kaylie is the little girl from the last game, whose parents were killed by a possessed teddy bear.  Judge took her in and raised her and now she is fighting along with him and the others to put an end to those responsible. 

From what has been shown so far, Redeemer looks to improve on the original in every way possible.  The level design is getting a major upgrade with completely new areas that have been graphically overhauled with beautiful textures and weather effects.  All the levels are much bigger now to accommodate up to 30 enemies on-screen at once, and this time around you will see more of a variety of enemies.  There is supposed to be at least 21 different types of monsters and bosses, all in varying sizes, making enormous werewolves look that much more bad ass. 

Controlling your character should be effortless since the controls are the same as the original, but now you have a much larger arsenal at your disposal.  There are said to be 40 weapons available, each with three to five special moves.  Plus each character will have their own set of edge attacks (magic), which can be leveled up as you play (up to level 5).  As an example, the new girl Kaylie has a firepower that she can add to her weapon.  At level one, the weapon just smokes and adds a little extra damage, but at level five flames will sprout from the weapon an engulf enemies on touch. 

To give the game a much longer shelf life then the first game, Vivendi is pulling out all the stops.  Giving the game multiple unlockable characters, playable monsters for gamers to find, hidden costumes, new weapons (40 in all), and just for fun they are throwing in some downloadable content via Xbox Live.  As for what that content will be is still unknown, but Vivendi promises it will keep players enticed for quite a while.  As long as Redeemer turns out close to what we've seen so far, then we are going to have a great multi-player game this fall.  I only wish that the game itself would be online, but I suppose that can wait until Hunter 3...

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