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Ad Info
Outlaw Golf

Preview By:  Dan Peters

Developer:   Simon & Schuster Interactive
Publisher:   Simon & Schuster Interactive
Genre:   Sports
Est. Release:   Q2 2002
Date Posted:  


Outlaw Golf will be an arcade-style golf game, similar to the popular Hot Shots golf series for the Playstation. It contains wacky characters, but still would be a very good golf simulation.

In Outlaw Golf, those wacky characters include a whole bunch of-- you guessed it-- outlaws (well, I guess you lose, since not all of the characters in game are really outlaws). Characters include Killer Miller, a heavily-tatooed death-row inmate who was released somehow, and Doctor Diggler, a doctor who just got out of surgery to play a few rounds of golf.

Courses include one built on a swamp, where your poor, defenseless caddy can be used as a toy by your friendly neighborhood alligator. Another course includes the  Newark Municipal Course, which is right next to an Airport runway.

Another thing separating this golfing game from any other is a very unique driving range. Instead of trying to hit the ball as far as possible, the goal is to hit a dart target, or to break the windows on some parked cars. And the more glass you break, the more successful you'll be. The game also features a "Composer Response System", which is, when a golfer loses his/her temper, they can beat the living crap out of their caddy. Of course, you must control their temper, or else the caddy will leave, and you don't want that.

The graphics in the game look gorgeous. The character models and the audience models, while meant to look a little cartoony, all look very nice and detailed. And the courses, which are fully 3-D-rendered, are a feast for the eyes. There will also be laugh-out-load commentary made, with zingers like "There's not a cloud in the sky and the air is still and my toupee is grateful! All of the players are here with their clubs in hand *ahem*."

I'm really looking forward to Outlaw Golf, because it'll add something new to the golf genre, and it should just be a blast to play by yourself, or with a group of friends. Outlaw Golf is currently scheduled to be a quarter two release of this year.
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