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Ad Info
Serious Sam

Preview By: Dan Peters

Developer:   Croteam
Publisher:   Gotham Games
Genre:   FPS
Est. Release:   11-12-02
Date Posted:  


Having never played Serious Sam for PC, I personally can't tell you how good it was.  It was critically acclaimed (both the first one and the sequel), so Xbox fans should celebrate that a port of the original Serious Sam will be coming for their system this November.

Serious Sam is about mobs of evil (and weird-looking) aliens that are looking to destroy all life on earth.  Only one man can stop the aliens - no, not anyone in the Men in Black - I'm talkin' 'bout Sam "Serious" Stone!  So he must travel back in time to ruin the aliens' plot to destroy the planet.  Not exactly Shakespeare, but this is for non-"serious" gamers only!

As Serious Sam the player will have to go through 36 levels of annihilating the vicious aliens.  The aliens can attack from land, water, and air.  As you can tell from the screenshots the graphics aren't very realistic, but they should add to the non-seriousness the game will have to offer.  There's also 150 (!!) types of aliens that you can destroy.  Just look at the screenshots and see how funny-looking and varied these aliens are.  It should be a lot of fun checking them all out (and subsequently blowing their brains out).  There's also 12 different types of weapons to choose from, from a simple military knife to the XOP Flamethrower.  Images 11-22 below show off each type of weapon available in the game. 

Since a lot of Xbox gamers probably haven't played this game for the PC, Serious Sam will offer a new experience to a wide new group of gamers.

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