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Preview By:  Dan Peters

Developer:   Free Radical Design
Publisher:   Eidos
Genre:   FPS
Est. Release:   Fall 2002
Date Posted:  


Updated:   4-23-02
Updated By:   Jared Black

We've just got a hold of the first screenshots from the Xbox version of TimeSplitters 2.  Additionally, Eidos has confirmed a Fall 2002 release date for both this and the GameCube version.

Additional Media:

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
Image 5
Image 6


The first TimeSplitters was not only a PS2 launch titles, but also PS2's first first-person shooter. It was an overall good game (the multiplayer was a real highlight), but it lacked a good single-player experience. It lacked any kind of a story, and it just basically dropped you in a level. Your goal was to retrieve an item, and then bring it back, while avoiding various monsters. It got pretty tedious after awhile. However, TimeSplitters 2 promises to get rid of all the original's problems. It'll have a more involving single-player mode, better graphics, and more.  And luckily, it's also coming to the Xbox.

Free Radical Design was reportedly disappointed with the original TimeSplitters. They admitted to rushing the game to make the PS2 launch, so TimeSplitters 2 will (hopefully) undue all of TimeSplitters's mistakes. TimeSplitters 2 is going to keep the time-shifting concept (the bulk of the story has a bunch of time-traveling heroes stopping the forces of evil). The game is gonna boast 90 new playable characters, all with their own unique qualities and drawbacks. Times you can play include the old West, the 1930's in Chicago (complete with gangsters), and the space age. The single-player experience is gonna be more deeper, and overall, it should be more enjoyable and satisfying than it was in the first game.

TimeSplitters 2 is also gonna keep the best part of TimeSplitters: the multiplayer. TS2 will keep all the elements the first one had, with one addition: online play. The game was originally supposed to be released this spring on the PS2, but Free Radical Design wanted to add online play, and hopefully the wait for that will be worth it. The graphics in TS2 will also be improved. The game will continue to run at an impressive 60 fps. TS2 will have some awesome special effects, including snow, rain, fire, and more. Detail to the environments will also be slighty improved, along with the all-new character models. The screenshots look very nice, so expect another great-looking game. Also, one of TS's highlights, the map-making tool, will be available better than ever.

So overall, TS2 should beat TS in almost every way. Single-player mode will be more deeper and satisfying, the graphics will really be imrpoved, and it will feature online play. The game has yet to have a solid release date, but expect a summer or fall release of this year.
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